ZD77G1 One-pc smart toilet K2 serie

Super slim seat & lid, black trim strip on top, kicking button and rotary knob echoes each other, an integration of design and technique, redefine the conventional bathroom experience from visual and operational perspective

Color: white

Size: L670 x W422 x H500mm

Heating mode: instant heat

Rough-in: 305/400mm

Rated value: AC 220V 50HZ 1200W

Water pressure range: ≥0.05MPa(static)

Drainage: s-trap

Function table

Mode of functions
● W/ - W/O ○ optional Functions
● W/ - W/O ○ optional
Convenience APP control

quick release

remote control

auto flush
side panel control

dual flush
one-button auto

kick function
auto lid open

cleansing rear wash

mixed air wash

front wash

Oscillating spray

child wash

adjustable water temp.

enema wash

adjustable water pressure

wider enema wash

adjustable nozzle position

Comfort drying

user detection

adjustable air temp.

silent soft close

auto deodorization

3D ergonomic seat ring

heated seat

night light

adjustable seat temp

Hygienic antibacterial seat

nozzle antibacterial

pre filter

nozzle self-rinsing

electrolytic sterilization

removable nozzle

UV sterilization

pre wet

others water efficiency grade
manual flush
pre wet

raw material for seat cover
raw material for wand
heating mode
raw material for nozzle

flushing tank
digital display

6 folds safeguard