Successfully hold the National Smart home seminar

Time:2021-03-03 Source:本站
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August 11-12th, 2017 sponsored by Jomoo group and co-organized by Fujian province institute of products quality inspection and research, the Smart electric products quality acceleration technology seminar invited 26 specialists from quality inspection organizations across China. All get together at Jomoo group and have an ‘explosive’ technical idea exchange and brain storm for smart products quality & technic acceleration.  

Coming all the way till now, we have found the current smart toilet industry’s status is a shortage of national standard, industry standard, even enterprise standard for new functions. Therefore, how shall the quality standard be defined has come up as the whole industry’s issue not only for Jomoo. That’s why we have invited chiefs and honored guests over to Jomoo for discussing on the quality & technique improvement, structure design.