activator deodorization

  • activator deodorization

    The activator can degrade the organics in the air so as to deodorize more efficiently and make the air fresher.

  • activated carbon

    It can absorb the odor and make air fresher.

  • Anion

    Anion can activate neutralization with fine dust germs and then attach to them and settle, meantime the anion itself is able to disinfect the germs in air and keep the air fresh.


Using PP cotton filter to eliminate the sand particles, rust and worm eggs etc.. The visible design and user-friendly installation make your life easier and more convenient.

User memory

Exclusive private setting caters to your preference, makes each of your visits super convenient. Once set forever cozy.

night light

Designed soft night light with glimmer lamination won’t distract your sleep, only offers satisfying cares to your visits.