Easy to operate

 auto lid/seat open, adjustable sensing range via radar sensing system, optimize each user experience

AI+IOT IOT control

IOT module can be implanted independently, and connect the equipment to different platform APPs, smart speakers, etc., to get cloud controlled IOT life.

Gesture control

Through microwave induction technology, accurately capture gestures and waving, auto lid/ring open, more hygienic and convenient

Foot sensor control

adopt infrared, capacitance and other sensing technologies, add a sensor flushing device at the front of pan bottom, and you only need to touch the sensor point to flush it.

Kick control

touch with the toe tip activate flushing, and the physical button displays night light, more practical and convenient.

One-key intelligent control

auto detect user's urine composition; provide family users with full life cycle health guidance to enhance users' health awareness, build a healthy lifestyle, and reduce the risk of disease

2.4G wireless control technology

features of low voltage, wider range for remote control, free of angle restriction, free of obstacles etc., easy to bathroom space operation